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 DW PROBUS Club  celebrates the 9th anniversary of  the Club in February with a potluck lunch.                      

March 18, 2018


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Your Durham West Probus Activities Chair, Catherine Frost, is actively encouraging an expansion of the number & variety of activities available to members.

Recently, two members stepped up to sponsor a couple new groups.  

If you enjoy going to the cinema and would like to attend with a group, you might find the new DWP Cinema Club just what you’re looking for. Joanne Bullen and Linda Robbins are organizing their first trip to the Landmark Theatres in February.

For those who enjoy entertainment in the written form Ann Pettitt is establishing a Mystery Book Club.  

Thanks to Joanne, Linda & Ann for their contributions.

If you have an idea for a new club, please contact Catherine.

Information for all your activity groups and contact information is available on the Activities page.

If you are a club sponsor and wish to tell members more about your group, please send us an e-mail.