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January 2021 - Sunrise over Lake Ontario, taken by Janet Simmons

Notes from Byron' Calendar:

Every day, play Bridge on-line, play with model train,

Every second evening, watch Raptors play basketball,

March 8, start looking for summer tires that didn’t get put on car in 2020,

March 11, Durham West Probus general meeting at 10:00 a.m. with Steafan Hannigan

and Saskia Tompkins, Irish Musicians, wear green and be prepared for a good time,

March 15, get the COVID-19 vaccine,

March 17, Saint Patricks’ Day, green beer, Irish music and dance,

March 21, spring equinox, sun crosses the equator, days are longer than nights,

March 25, put summer tires on car, (if they are found)

Wait for April.

Remember, stay positive, test negative.

Presidents Message

Call for New Board Members

This past year has been a very challenging one for our club.  Since our last physical meeting almost a year ago, we have had to meet by teleconference, and many club activities have been suspended until it is safe to meet in person again.  

The Board of Directors of your club has been responsible for ensuring our club’s continued operation throughout this pandemic, and are planning for the club’s future.     

As is the case every year, a number of your board members are coming to the end of their three year terms, and replacements must be identified.  This year the club needs to fill the following board openings, each of which would be for three years.

* Treasurer 

This role is perfect for a person who likes to work with figures.  You’d be responsible for the club finances, including budgeting, banking, bill payments and preparing financial statements.  

* Membership

This role is great for those that want to get to know all club members. You’d be responsible for signing up new members, renewals of current members, receiving membership fees, and keeping track of the membership list.

* Webmaster

This role is good fit for the ‘techie’.  As webmaster you’d be responsible for the club website and its social media accounts.

* House 

Another good opportunity for the “people person”.  This role is vital for the success of our physical meetings, and includes management of the welcome desk, 50/50 draw, meeting room logistics and providing refreshments. 

The club also seeks a new Vice President, an all important position that will in its second year evolve into the Club President role, leading the club for a year, and acting as ‘emcee’ at its monthly meetings.

Our club’s ongoing success is only possible through the continued existence of a strong and active board.  But board membership is also rewarding:  in addition to supporting the club, board members have opportunities to learn, interact with club members, meet with members of other clubs, and most importantly, have fun.  And note that a couple or two unrelated individuals can share a board role.

Please let me know if you would like to serve.  Full position descriptions are available on our website under the PROBUS button, and I and other board members would be happy to speak to you to give you more information.   As a director you can rely upon the support of other members of the board, as well as those who were directors in the past, including a period of time where you would work with the outgoing director to fully understand your new role. 

Jim Hinnecke, Past President 

The Speakers for this meeting will be Steafan from Ireland and Saskia from England, the Celtic duo who have performed together for 20+ years. This will be a return engagement after performing at our club in January last year. Besides their own album as a duo, called Moorchild, they have recorded over 100 albums with other musicians and have run their own recording studio. Steafan has collected over 800 musical instruments during his travels, 40 of which he plays on a regular basis. Saskia plays violin, viola and cello. Together they make lovely Celtic music and we will have a Virtual St.Patricks' Music Party!


A Message from your Webmaster

A website should be a place where members come to connect with other members of our community. A place where they can share their jokes, poetry, travel photos and common interests. A place where open discussions can begin.

A website is never finished. If you see opportunities to do things better or discover problems affecting your use of the site, please let me know. I need to hear from you to make it better. You can contact me at: 

Dear Members,

A BIG thank you to everyone who submitted their membership dues. We have just completed our membership renewal process for the year 2021. We have 311 members as of March 1, 2021. We would like to welcome 14 new members. 

Even though we are not having in-person membership meetings, social outings and many activities were cancelled our club membership numbers are still strong! Remember to join our monthly virtual Zoom general meetings and consider joining in the activities that are still ongoing online and outdoors such as the Wednesday walking group. 

We have no waiting list for membership and have lots of room for new members should you know of anyone who might be interested in joining our club. We recently increased our membership cap to 360. 

If you are interested in joining the Management Committee as the Membership Chair, contact our past President, Jim Hinnecke, or our current Membership Chairs Bonnie & Geoff Cutten whose term is up later this year. 

Remember to send any changes to your email, mailing address or telephone number to the Membership Chair so that the membership list is kept up to date.

Stay healthy and safe!

Bonnie & Geoff Cutten

The next Zoom meeting of the club will be on Thursday, March 11th at 9:30 am. If you would like to join us, please check the Newsletter or email us at:

Due to the Corona Virus, ALL Club Social activities are currently suspended until further notice

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