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The next Zoom meeting of the club will be on Thursday, October 14th at 9:30 am. If you would like to join us, please check the Newsletter or email us at:

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A website should be a place where members come to connect with other members of our community. A place where they can share their jokes, poetry, travel photos and common interests. A place where open discussions can begin.

A website is never finished. If you see opportunities to do things better or discover problems affecting your use of the site, please let me know. I need to hear from you to make it better. You can contact me at: 

Holiday Photos: Milford Sound, New Zealand - Submitted by Bonnie Cutten

Due to the Corona Virus, ALL Club Social activities are currently suspended until further notice

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Jennifer Merrick


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    Ajax Pickering Hospital Foundation

In early June the PROBUS Club of Durham West made a $500.00 donation to the hospital’s Covid-19 Fund in support of all they have done during the Pandemic.The PROBUS Club of Durham West’s recent donation of $500.00 absolutely highlighted the phrase we are using so much during the Covid-19 situation


Our community is being amazing and amazingly generous. Every dollar that is being raised, every sign that is hung in a window, every clap that is sounded are underlining’s for our frontline staff at Ajax Pickering Hospital that they are not alone.

We created a specific Covid-19 Fund that is helping fund resources to improve patient experience, medical equipment as well as care items for our hospital team members.As well as medical equipment (like ventilators), donors like you are helping us to still provide the personal touch that will get both our staff and their patients through this pandemic.

Thanks to donor dollars, we are able to provide items such as treats, lip balm, gum, mints, hand creams (for offsite use); it is incredible how much of a difference some chocolate can have on the staff!  We are also able to purchase iPad’s that patients in the hospital can use to connect with their families but also that internal clinicians can use to connect with their patients out in the community.

And as the Covid-19 situation still continues, with your donation, we will be able to continue to support our hospital, our frontline staff and our patients every way we can.

Thank you for supporting our hospital!

Tracy L. Paterson, CEO

                                                                      TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER!

Dear Members,

A BIG thank you to everyone who submitted their membership dues. We have just completed our membership renewal process for the year 2021. We have 311 members as of March 1, 2021. We would like to welcome 14 new members. 

Even though we are not having in-person membership meetings, social outings and many activities were cancelled our club membership numbers are still strong! Remember to join our monthly virtual Zoom general meetings and consider joining in the activities that are still ongoing online and outdoors such as the Wednesday walking group. 

We have no waiting list for membership and have lots of room for new members should you know of anyone who might be interested in joining our club. We recently increased our membership cap to 360. 

If you are interested in joining the Management Committee as the Membership Chair, contact our past President, Jim Hinnecke, or our current Membership Chairs Bonnie & Geoff Cutten whose term is up later this year. 

Remember to send any changes to your email, mailing address or telephone number to the Membership Chair so that the membership list is kept up to date.

Stay healthy and safe!

Bonnie & Geoff Cutten

To view a recording of this meeting:

A teenage journey to the Arctic Circle sparked Jennifer’s life-long passion for travel. In her twenties, she travelled abroad, teaching English as a Foreign Language in the UK, Hungary, Ukraine, Egypt and Singapore.
She returned to Canada, settling in Toronto, where she began teaching new immigrants. Wanting to share her travel discoveries, she embarked on a second career as a freelance travel writer.In the past decade her stories have been published in 30+ newspapers, magazines and websites. She has been featured in and interviewed for National Geographic’s 100 Places That Can Change Your Child’s Life, Canadian Living, Metro News, and MoneySense.
Her presentation to Probus Club of Durham West will take the audience virtually to reportedly haunted places in Toronto, across Canada and the world. Highlights include:

    Fort Henry: The most haunted place in Canada?

    The ghosts of Sable Island

    Other-worldly guests at the Banff Springs Hotel

    Ghosts of the Donnelly Homestead.

    Is Keg Mansion Toronto’s most haunted restaurant?

    The “bloody lady” at Čachtice Castle, Slovakia.

The management team has decided to continue holding our monthly general meetings using Zoom, the virtual meeting platform, through to the end of the calendar year 2021.

When we do get back to in-person and indoor meetings, it is our intention to accept as many members as we are allowed to attend in-person and to also “live stream” the proceedings for those who cannot attend so that they can participate in their homes as they are now. We are in the process of acquiring the necessary hardware to do that.

So, the general membership monthly meetings for October and November will continue to be held on-line.

We don’t normally have a meeting in December since it is replaced by the Christmas luncheon. Once again, this year the luncheon will be replaced by a Zoom meeting with special entertainment.

The club continues to offer opportunities for socializing. In the last few weeks there has been a picnic lunch and a mini-putt challenge. Other scheduled outings are highlighted elsewhere in this newsletter and information notices have been sent to all members.

If you have an idea that you’d like us to think about, why not let us know about it?

Elizabeth Ryan and Sue Geddis have volunteered to join our management team. Elizabeth will assume the duties of Treasurer and Sue will assume the duties of House Chair. New positions will be effective January 2022 after the Annual General Meeting.

We are still looking for a Webmaster, a Membership Chair, and a Vice-President. Please, think about joining the Executive, then contact one of the Management team members.

Meanwhile, let me wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and a fun Hallowe’en.

Stay safe and stay well,

Byron Simmons

The speaker for October will be Jennifer Merrick, and her topic will be " Haunted Places"
Presidents Message

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