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Golf is currently being played on Tuesday mornings at the Hawthorn Valley Golf Course.

See the Activities page for further details 

The Wednesday Walkers are back in action

Keeping the club vital and enjoyable requires dedicated members who volunteer to be involved. This is your club, managed by volunteers like you who dedicate a small amount of their time for the benefit of our 340 members.
The club needs members who will take on the following roles effective September 2020.
a) speaker co-ordinator
b) House (coffee arrangement) 
For detailed job descriptions of these roles go to is plenty of support from members and previous job holders for people taking on these roles. Consider volunteering for one of these positions. The club cannot exist without members stepping up to assume these roles. 
Please get involved.

Randy Slemin, Past President

The "Snowbirds" flying over Pickering on their "Inspiration Tour" across Canada - May 10th 2020 

Note the social distancing - very good guys😊

President’s message – August 2020
As I write these words, the region of Durham has just entered the  third stage of the easing of restrictions related to COVID19.  People can now dine in restaurants, and facilities such as gyms and movie theatres are permitted to reopen, albeit with restrictions of the number of users.  The start of Phase 3 also means that groups of up to 50 people will now be able to get together indoors (with appropriate physical distancing and Personal Protection Equipment).    The government calls Phase 3 the ‘Recovery’ phase, and it represents a payoff for all our collective earlier efforts to control the spread of the virus.  We only need look at the struggles even now being faced by some other countries to realize how fortunate we really are.  
The start of Phase 3 means that our many activity groups can for the most part resume their activities if they wish.  Of course, all activity groups must observe all provincial public health guidelines, including the use of masks for indoor events.    
Unfortunately, this also means that our monthly general meetings must continue to be held online.  As most of you know by now, we held our first such meeting in July and it was attended by some 65 members.  Our August meeting will be more ambitious, for we will expand the length of the meeting by having a speaker.  The board continues to review ways to make the online meeting experience as useful as possible and we welcome the feedback of individual members.   While we recognize that the virtual meeting will never fully replace the physical one, the fact is that we may be gathering this way for some time to come.     
I realize some of you are not familiar and/or not comfortable with the Zoom teleconferencing application we use at our meetings, so I’ve found a short 4 minute video that explains the basics of this technology and how you can get it working for you.  Whether you have previously attended a Zoom meeting or are a “newbie”, you will find this information useful, even beyond participation in our club events.
This will be my last full month as Club President.  Never in my wildest imagination did I imagine that my time in this role would be so eventful.  But collectively, we have come through this pandemic and I look forward to a fall where things will continue to get back to something approaching ‘normal'
As President, I am always open to questions and suggestions from members of the club. You can reach me at:


Due to the Corona Virus, ALL Club Social activities are currently suspended until further notice

However we are now holding monthly club meetings by teleconference. If you would like to join us, please see the current Newsletter for details or email us at:                                                        

Also there are some club activities that have resumed:


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