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Management Committee Members Needed!


We continue to seek a person to fill the role of Vice President. This role is an important one, for this person will ultimately become club president in 2023. Their duties are:


Assist the President when and where necessary with any special projects or requests which may arise

Attend monthly Management Meetings to become familiar with the procedures and activities of the Club

Assume the duties of the President when necessary

Act as one of the three signing officers for the Club


Acting as Vice President is a wonderful way to contribute to the ongoing success of the club, and to meet lots of people, including members of other PROBUS clubs.

We need also to find someone for the House role. This is ideal for a couple, or two people sharing the responsibility.

Their duties are:


Arrange for refreshments for the monthly General Meeting

Check that the meeting room is set up as required

Arrange and schedule volunteers to assist with House operations and the 50/50 draw

Maintain the Guest book at General Meetings

Submit relevant expense reports to the Treasurer to cover operating costs and 50/50 draw results


In addition, as the club resumes its physical meetings, House is also responsible for COVID-19 mitigation measures such as verifying member vaccination status, ensuring the availability of hand sanitizer, and enforcing social distance protocols at general meetings.


To learn more about either the House, or Vice President role or to volunteer for either of them, please contact club President Byron Simmons or current Vice President Ruth Bridge.

Management Committee Update for 2022


At our January 13th, 2022, meeting, club members will be asked to give their approval for members of the 2022 Management Committee of Directors for the PROBUS Club of Durham West. The Management Committee thanks all those who have stepped forward to volunteer their time for this important responsibility. The Management Committee also thanks those whose term is coming to an end for their contributions to the club, especially at such a challenging time.


The 2022 Management Committee will consist of the following members:








Ruth Bridge


Previously Vice President

Byron Simmons

Past President

Previously President


Vice President


Elizabeth Ryan


Replaces Bernice Pyke

Bev and Dave Bicknell


Replaces B and G Cutten



Replaces R and S Castallarin

Walter Matias


Replaces Ian Medford

Ada Larock



Ann Buffett



Lorna Smith



Bev Waite


Replaces June Booth

Shahid Naeem




** We continue to seek a Management Committee member for the House role. Renzo and Sharon Castellarin have graciously agreed to continue in this role until a replacement is found. If you are interested in this opportunity, please see “Management Committee Members Needed” elsewhere in the newsletter.


Holiday Gifting


These are some Members filling toiletry bags for Christmas hampers at Sandy's. Since no one was travelling, these were not expected to be done!!!  Thanks to unexpected donations of toiletries and bags, from people who remembered I had spearheaded this project in previous years, many bags will be available for those unable to purchase such items themselves. 


Thank you to all who contributed. Please save for next year and, hopefully, this can be repeated. Sandy Clarke

We are planning a restart of in-person gatherings with the general meeting on January 13, in 2022. It will be our first since March 2020, close to two years. Also, as noted in November’s newsletter we will be live streaming that meeting for members who are more comfortable to attend virtually. As I write this however, the news from around the globe is all about another virus variant and international borders are being closed again so please keep watching for updates from the club about the January meeting because we may need to change plans yet again.

In the meantime, we will have our December meeting on Zoom on December 9. It will be a fun morning and an opportunity to learn everything about the Beatles that you didn’t know. Remember to wear your favourite Christmas clothes and that includes that Christmas sweater that spends the year in the bottom of your sweater drawer.

This will be my last letter as club president. Our current vice-president, Ruth Bridge will take the reins in January.

As my term runs out, I want to thank the club management team that I have been proud to work with for over a year during this most challenging time


Janet and I wish you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and all the best in 2022!


Stay safe, stay well,

Byron Simmons, President

Presidents Message


December 9th, 2021 via Zoom

December 2021 Speaker – Dr Mike Daley on Birth of Beatles

Mark your calendar and make sure you attend this Holiday Special with Mike Daley. Dr. Mike Daley will tell the story of the Beatles, the band from Liverpool that charmed the world and changed popular music. From humble beginnings to the world stage, John, Paul, George, and Ringo represented the best of the 1960s and their art endures even today. Dr. Daley's lively and informative presentation includes rare video clips from the Beatles' early days and original recordings of their songs.

Dr Mike Daley is a guitarist and singer based in Toronto. As a professional singer for over 30 years, Mike has toured Canada, the United States and England and has recorded extensively in a variety of music styles. Mike holds a Ph. D in musicology and has published widely on a variety of musical subjects. Mike’s well-received lectures on Beatles, Elvis, jazz and folk music have gained him a strong following in the GTA. Mike offers video lectures series on his website, and is currently writing a history of live music in the Yorkville coffee house district of Toronto in the 1950s and 1960s.

Due to the Corona Virus, some Club Social activities are currently suspended

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