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Golf is currently being played on Tuesday mornings at the Hawthorn Valley Golf Course.

See the Activities page for further details 

The Wednesday Walkers are back in action

Keeping the club vital and enjoyable requires dedicated members who volunteer to be involved. This is your club, managed by volunteers like you who dedicate a small amount of their time for the benefit of our 340 members.
The club needs members who will take on the following roles effective September 2020.
a) speaker co-ordinator
b) House (coffee arrangement) 
For detailed job descriptions of these roles go to is plenty of support from members and previous job holders for people taking on these roles. Consider volunteering for one of these positions. The club cannot exist without members stepping up to assume these roles. 
Please get involved.

Randy Slemin, Past President

The "Snowbirds" flying over Pickering on their "Inspiration Tour" across Canada - May 10th 2020 

Note the social distancing - very good guys😊

President’s message – September 2020
This will be my last message as club president.  It has been an unprecedented year full of unexpected challenges for the club and all of us personally. I said at the outset that we would find our way through it and while we haven’t quite reached that point yet, we all have reason to be optimistic about the future as the number of active COVID19 continues to dwindle and our society continues the process of re-opening.  Even so, we must continue to remain vigilant and take all measures to ensure control of the virus, particularly with the schools restarting shortly. 
While some things are returning to normal, it seems likely that a physical meeting of the club is still a ways off.  We will continue to meet by Zoom.   Interest groups will continue to meet as best they can.  We will continue to find great speakers for these meetings, and we can only hope that they are as good as Kevin Donovan who talked at our most recent meeting about the Barry and Honey Sherman murder investigation.  I might also add that Mr Donovan agreed to present to us at no charge.  Five members of the club also won copies of his most recent book “The Billionaire Murders”.
At the September meeting, we will transition to a new board.  Your new board will continue to guide the club through this pandemic adjusting our activities to whatever the ‘new normal’ will turn out to be.  
I want to thank all those who have served on the board with me over the last year, and I want to particularly acknowledge those whose terms are ending.  Roy Boon (Speakers), Renzo and Sharon Castellarin (House), and Pat Nie (Social).
In addition, I want to also acknowledge the contributions of Randy Slemin, your past president, who is also leaving the board.  
Finally, I want to thank all members of the club who took the time to volunteer for club activities in any capacity.   It is this that ensures our
club continues to thrive even in these difficult times.  
I will now myself assume the role of Past President, providing whatever advice and support your new president Byron Simmons and the rest of your new board may need.   
I look forward to serving the Board in this capacity.  

The next meeting of the club will be on Thursday, September 10th at 10:00 am. If you would like to join us, please see the September Newsletter for details, or email us at:


The speaker for this meeting will be Keriann McGoogan, author of the book "Chasing Lemurs: My Journey into the Heart of Madagascar".  For more information on Keriann, visit her website at:

A Message from your Webmaster

A website should be a place where members come to connect with other members of our community. A place where they can share their jokes, poetry, travel photos and common interests. A place where open discussions can begin.

A website is never finished. If you see opportunities to do things better or discover problems affecting your use of the site, please let me know. I need to hear from you to make it better. You can contact me at: 

Due to the Corona Virus, ALL Club Social activities are currently suspended until further notice

            However some of our Activity Groups such as Golf and the Walking Groups have restarted.

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