PROBUS Club of Durham West

18th April 2018 - Blue Jays game at Rogers Centre

16th May 2018 - Canadian Auto Museum & Parkwood Estate
7th August - Annual BBQ at Heydenshore Pavilion
20th March 2018 - Bata Shoe Museum
8th February 2018 - Valentines Theme Pot Luck lunch after meeting
25th January 2018 - 48 players attended the Court Whist afternoon
14th December 2017 - Christmas Lunch at Deer Creek Golf Club
22nd August 2018 - Nine & Dine at Royal Ashburn Golf Club

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 10th September 2018 - Peterborough Boat Cruise
7th August 2018 - Annual BBQ at Heydenshore Pavilion
26th September 2018 - PROBUS Clubs of Durham Region BBQ
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14th February 2019 - 10th Anniversary Celebration
17th November 2018 - Woodbine Race Track
22nd January 2019 - Court Whist

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