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Comparative Mortality Data of COVID-19

The link below shows a running comparrison of Covid-19 deaths vs the usual causes of death by country chosen. It is set to the United States but can be changed to any country that reports this data and has a time span of YTD for 2020. Note the five leading causes of death without Covid-19 for Canada - very interesting.

Pick a country and look at the numbers. Very cool and interesting - and up to date.


Good Afternoon Byron, Club President. 

Hope you are well and staying safe during these challenging times.

Community Care Durham is currently recruiting new Board Members to join our Board of Directors.  Please find the attached recruitment Flyer for your consideration.

In promoting this volunteer opportunity and generating interest in the community, I am reaching out to The Probus Club of Durham West for your assistance in communicating our need for new Board Members.  I hope you can circulate this posting to your Probus Club members and encourage them to further spread the word to their own networks.  If you can promote this opportunity on your website or in an upcoming newsletter, that would be wonderful.  We would greatly appreciate your help.   

Thanking you in advance for your time and efforts.  If you have any questions, please call me at 905-718-0716, anytime during the week between 8:30am and 4:30pm.  Enjoy your weekend and take care.

Kindest Regards,

Marcy Marchuk

" Have You Earned Your Tomorrow " - A life changing poem by Edgar Albert Guest

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                                                                            Mr. Valentine

                                                                                       Copyright © Glenn Fraser 2020


She sat there by herself. Once again it was Valentine’s Day and tears came to her eyes as she thought about Valentine days in the past - special cards, dinners, theatre outings, parties, laughter, happiness, and love. It was five years ago when she lost her true love. That was supposed to last forever, but life was cut short far too early for her.

She sat there for several minutes going through a hundred memories. After a while she thought she should check the mail so she got up to get her mail. She opened the mailbox with the thought it would contain yet another bill she would have to pay. There was only one envelope with her name on it. It looked like a card of some sort, but she had no idea who would be sending her a card at this time.

She returned to her chair, cut open the envelope and took out a card. On the front it read “Happy Valentine’s Day” in bright gold on a bright red background. She was surprised. No, she was shocked! Who would be sending her a card? There was no one.

Slowly she opened the card. It read the typical message that card writers always write, but in handwriting was the message “I hope you have a Wonderful Valentine’s Day”. Below it was another message “To Be Loved, You must be Loveable and You Are.”. She was shocked by the personal message and automatically looked for the signature to identify the sender.

It was signed “Mr. Valentine”.

She sat there stunned. Who on Earth was Mr. Valentine? If it was from someone she knew, why didn’t he use his real name? For a moment her mind raced through a thousand thoughts. She went through every man’s name she knew, discounting each one of them. Could it possibly be one of her female friends who sent it to her out of sympathy? No, none of her friends would do that.

Then she became angry that some mysterious man would do this to her. Who? Why? It wasn’t fair to send her an anonymous card. That was a cruel thing to do.

She got up and headed to the kitchen to grab something to eat. At the fridge she stopped and thought for a few minutes who it might be. She remembered two or three men who seemed to be interested in her, but nothing ever happened.

Who could it be?

She finally came with up - nobody. She put the card on the shelf facing the doorway and silently smiled to herself. Maybe out there, someone might really care for her. All of a sudden, she felt ten years younger.

She looked at her watch and realized she was supposed to meet her friends in an hour. She quickly got ready and headed out the door.

An hour later she met her friends. They were all sitting there waiting for her. She gave her greetings to her friends and then proceeded to tell them about the strange Valentine’s Day card she received that morning.

One of her friends responded immediately and said she had also received mysterious Valentine Day’s cards for five years.

“What?”, she exclaimed !

Another one of her friends then said she had received Valentine Days cards for about three years. She pointed out she had thought about it for a long time but could never put a name to the sender. She finally realized it was just a nice thing to happen.

The first woman also echoed her reaction: “I don’t really pay any attention to it, but it’s fun to receive the cards. I can never figure out who sends them, but it’s fun to receive them. They always bring a smile to my face. In fact, I would be quite disappointed if they stopped”.

Three other women also admitted to receiving cards for several years. One even said she had received Valentine's Day cards for about eight years! She couldn't actually remember when they started but she had kept every one of them. Each year there was a different message. The messages were all the same - short and very positive. Some were quite inspiring. Every year they were just signed "Mr. Valentine".

They all agreed that it was a treat to receive them. Frustrating but fun. Their meeting started and everything returned to normal (except every woman had a warm smile on her face).

Below is a short story submitted by Glenn Fraser 

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