PROBUS Club of Durham West



* Serve as the executive head of the PROBUS Club

* Chair monthly General Membership meetings and Management Team meetings

* Ensure that all actions of the Management Team are in accordance  with the policies and practices of PROBUS CANADA and the Constitution       and By-Laws of this PROBUS Club

* Represent the Club at meetings called by PROBUS CANADA and other PROBUS Clubs in Ontario

* Communicate all pertinent information received from PROBUS CANADA

* Prepare a Presidents' message for the monthly newsletter

* Act as official spokesperson for the Club




* Assist the President as needed

* Chair the Management Committee and regular Club meetings at the Presidents' request or in the Presidents' absence

* Act as one of the signing officers for the Clubs' bank account  




A. Meeting Agendas

* Request input from the members of the Management Committee (Executives) for the agenda for general as well as management meeting.             This request should go out 5-7 days ahead of the meeting with a turnaround deadline of 2 days before the meeting.

* Prepare meeting agenda, incorporating input from the Executives, and email it to them 1-2 days ahead of the meeting.


B. Minutes of Meetings

* Take notes and prepare, within a couple days of the meeting, minutes of the Management Committee meetings and Annual General Meeting. 

* Send out minutes to Executives for their review and comments. ,

* Amend meeting minutes to incorporate review comments. Publish meeting minutes along with the agenda of the next Management Committee     meeting.

* Request approval of the minutes of the immediate past meeting at the Management Committee meeting.

* Once approved, print and file a hard copy of the minutes, along with the Treasurer’s reports, for the Club’s record.


C. Members’ Application Forms

* Receive from the Membership Chair the completed and approved membership applications (of new members) and file them alphabetically for       the Club’s record.


D. Sympathy and Get-well Card

* When notified by an Executive, generally the President and the Newsletter Chair, write and mail sympathy and get-well cards to the members.       The guidelines for sending these cards are as follows:

   ~ Get-well card to a member who has a serious illness or a major procedure

   ~ Sympathy card to a member for the loss of his/her spouse or a child (immediate family)


E. Safekeeping of Club’s Record/Archive

* Keep Club’s record in a safe place. The Club’s record includes:

* Membership application forms

* Certification of Incorporation of the Club

* Constitution and By-Laws

* Agenda and minutes of meetings

* Approved Budget and Treasurer’s Reports

* Recognition awards and certificates received by the Club




* Encourage recruiting of new members as determined by the President and the limitation on membership

* Review and update the Club process for membership application

* Inform the Management team monthly of the number of applicants for membership on the wait list

* Receive applications for membership

* Receive membership payments (i.e. new members and renewals ) and forward to Treasurer for deposit

* Inform Management team of new members

* Advise newsletter editor of additions/deletions to newsletter distribution list

* Order name badges for new members

* Organize and maintain membership list to be available to members on request

* Attend monthly General Meetings to answer membership queries and distribute name badges

* Attend monthly Management Meetings to report on membership numbers and related items




A. Coffee and tea

* Monthly - Check supplies ( regular tea, green tea, extra cookies, wooden stir sticks and serviettes )

* On the Monday prior to the Probus meeting on Thursday:

   ~ Contact Viva Retirement Home regarding delivery of the cookies

   ~ Deliver a written order to Tim Hortons on Westney Rd., South, in Ajax

* On Thursday, the day of the meeting:

   ~ Pick up coffee order from Tim Hortons at 9:00 am

   ~ Set up cambros on the north counter

   ~ Fill urn with water and plug in for tea. Also fill the two kettles and plug in

   ~ Set out cups, cream, milk, sugar, stir sticks and tea bags

   ~ Place a table in the open area for the tray of cookies

   ~ Check urn frequently and refill with hot water from the kettles

* After the meeting, empty the kettles and urn of hot water and place in our bin. Also empty cambros of any coffee and return to Tim Hortons

   that day. Also return any sugar, cream, milk, stir sticks and cups. Make payment to Tim Hortons at this time ( 10% discount given as we 

   pick up and return cambros )

* Prepare expense report for submission to treasurer

* Supplies of tea, serviettes, kettles, trays, dishes, tea urn and extension cords are kept in our bin


B. Front Desk

* Maintain current volunteer lists for 50/50 draw table and official greeters

* Schedule volunteers for duties one to two months in advance ( if scheduling beyond two months, volunteers will need to be reminded prior

   to meeting date - either by email or telephone )

* Monitor on a regular basis supplies for front desk ( 50/50 tickets, deposit forms, name labels, envelopes and coin wrappers ) 

* On the Monday prior to the Probus meeting on Thursday:

   ~ Contact Ajax Community Centre to remind them to set out the tables and chairs for our meeting - as per our floor plan. Also advise them

      if any additional chairs or tables are needed for that meeting

   ~ Review and remind volunteers for upcoming meeting

* On Thursday, the day of the meeting:

   ~ Make sure tables and chairs are set up as required

   ~ Set up 50/50 sales table, including visitors register and name tags

   ~ At start of meeting have volunteers tally 50/50 sales

   ~ Do an accounting of the monies from the 50/50 draw and complete a winners envelope

   ~ Announce estimated attendance of members, visitors and related sponsors and estimated 50/50 draw prize

   ~ After speakers' presentation have speaker draw winning 50/50 ticket and present prize

   ~ Complete deposit summary and give to Treasurer




* Prepare newsletter. Receive submissions from President, Management Team and all regular contributors and local sources

* Prepare monthly issue for distribution by e-mail and posting on website prior to monthly meeting

* Have copies printed and available at monthly meeting for members not having e-mail

* Review final draft with President as necessary before distribution




* Prepare a program schedule for the year

* Arrange speakers for General meetings with Speakers Committee

* Provide hospitality and suitable gift/cheque and thank you card for guest speakers

* Inform the Treasurer of speakers' name for the cheque, if required, so it can be prepared before the meeting

* Ensure presentation aids required by the guest speaker are ready

* Arrange introducers and a Management Team member for closing remarks

* Keep the newsletter editor and webmaster informed of future programs for inclusion in the monthly bulletin and website updates

* Assist the incoming program committee Chairperson by preparing suitable monthly programs for the next two or three months following

   the end of the Club year




* Prepare a "tentative" event calendar for the year, e.g. Christmas and other annual events. Seek membership input for event ideas and arrange     events at least once a mont

* Organize social events outside regular monthly meetings. The planning of these events should include discussion on venue, meal choices and     entertainment

* Plan and prepare a budget for each event. This budget should include expenses for transportation, meals and accommodations ( If overnight )

* Describe upcoming events to membership at monthly meetings

* Have sign-up sheets available for each event at monthly meetings

* Printing, selling and collecting monies for tickets at general meetings

* Periodically conduct a survey with the Club members ( may be part of a club general survey ) in order to understand a cross section of the             members' interests and or recommendations

* Keep the newsletter editor and webmaster informed of future events for inclusion in the monthly bulletin and website so that members can plan     well in advance

* Provide report to members at general meetings held on second Thursday of each month

* Attend Management meetings held on fourth Thursday of each month

* Organize Christmas luncheon ( location and ticket sales ) and provide a final count for booking based on the number of paid tickets by a set           deadline




* Facilitate the establishment and promotion of new interest groups as suggested by Club members

* Solicit leaders for Interest Groups

* Help to resolve issues if group leaders should require assistance

* Provide activity sign-up sheets as needed to determine membership participation interest

* Interest groups are considered launched once a Leader/Host (or an interim leader) is appointed. The groups then operate autonomously

* Gather information from the various group leaders in order to maintain a current log of Interest Group activities

* Provide interest group updates and arrange for Group Leaders to speak at monthly Club meetings and Management meetings as required

* Submit newsletter input to the newsletter editor about Interest Groups that are new and or require a leader to be assigned

* Inform Interest Group leaders that it is their responsibility to:

   ~ Determine their groups' venue and meeting frequency

   ~ Establish rules, membership eligibility and group size

   ~ Be aware that any costs and outlays are the sole responsibility of the Interest Group to manage

   ~ Send monthly input and updates to the newsletter editor and webmaster for publication, and copy the Group Activities Chair for awareness

   ~ Interact with the Social Events Chair when activities or events may affect or involve the general Club membership




* Develop and maintain the Club website

* Core content to include:

   ~ PROBUS overview including constitution, by-laws and Management team job descriptions

   ~ Management team contact information

   ~ Calendar of key meetings and events

   ~ Interest Groups, Social Events and Speaker schedules

   ~ Newsletters

   ~ Photo Gallery




* Identify nominees for vacating Board positions

* Present the list of Management team nominees to the August General meeting of the Club

* Provide guidance and assistance to the President and the Management Committee 



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