PROBUS Club of Durham West




* Maximum term of office is one year

* Serve as the executive head of the PROBUS Club of Durham West

* Chair monthly General Meetings and Management Committee Meetings

* Ensure that all actions of the Management Committee are in accordance with the policies and practices of PROBUS CANADA as well as the          Constitution and By-Laws of this PROBUS Club

* Represent the Club at meetings called by PROBUS CANADA and other PROBUS Clubs in Ontario

* Communicate all pertinent information received from PROBUS CANADA

* Submit a Presidents message for the monthly newsletter

* Act as official spokesperson for the Club

* Chair the monthly General  and Management Meetings

* Review By-Laws and Constitution every three years

* Act as one of the three signing officers for the Club




* Maximum term of office is three years:

     1st year - serves as Vice-President:  2nd year serves as President:  3rd year serves as Past President

* Assist the President when and where necessary ( any special projects or requests which may arrise )

* Attend monthly Management Meetings to become familiar with the procedures and activities of the Club

* Assume the duties of the President when necessary

* Act as one of the three signing officers for the Club




* Maximum term of office is one year

* Provide advice and support to the President upon request ( e.g. knowledge of items or procedures from past meetings )

* Chairs the Nominating Committee that searches for volunteers willing to serve on the Management Committee

* Presents the list of Management team nominees to the August General Meeting  




* Maximum term of office is three years

* Prepare minutes of monthly General Meetings and Management Meetings

* Send copies of the recorded minutes to all Management Committee members for review

* Maintain files of all official club documents and records including the club membership application forms and membership lists

* Maintain club archives

* Responsible for sending bereavement and get-well cards




* Maximum term of offise is three years

* Maintain all club financial records

* Report financial status to monthly Management Meetings and General Meetings

* Arrange for an annual audit of the clubs' financial records

* Ensure all club funds are deposited in the bank accounts in a timely manner

* Ensure all club expenses are paid in a timely manner

* Reconcile the General Operating Account and the Social Activity Trust Fund Account

* Prepare the annual operating budget for approval by the Management Committee

* A Town of Ajax form is to be completed in August and approved by Management before submitting our year end numbers to the town

* Ensure signing officers for the Club are up to date

* Act as one of the three signing officers for the Club




* Maximum term of office is three years

* House is a two person operation: one person to run the front desk and floor and one person to run the kitchen

* Arrange coffee, tea and cookies for the General Meeting

* Check that the meeting room is set up as required

* Maintain list of volunteers for 50/50 draw-table and official greeters

* Ensure availability of audio-visual equipment  and laptop

* After speakers presentation, have the speaker draw the winning ticket for the 50/50 draw and present the prize

* Complete deposit summary ang give to treasurer 




* Maximum term of office is three years

* Prepare and maintain a membership list

* Provide an updated membership list to the Management Committee on a regular basis

* Inform Management Committee of new members

* Advise the Newsletter Editor of additions/deletions to the newsletter contact list

* Order name badges for new members

* Introduce new members at the General Meeting

* Present new members with a PROBUS welcome package

* Be available at the Membership Table at the General Meeting

* Submit monthly updates to the Newsletter Editor




* Maximum term of office is three years

* Prepare the monthly newsletter by requesting submissions from President, Management Committee and Activity Leaders

* Prepare monthly issue for distribution by e-mail

* Have copies printed and mailed to members who do not have e-mail

* Maintain electronic and printed copies for the Archives

* Maintain an up-to-date contact list of members in the Gmail Account




* Maximum term of office is three years

* Organize an interesting speaker program for the general meetings

* Submit a monthly notice to the Newsletter Editor announcing upcoming speakers 

* Negotiate speakers' fee and presentation requirements e.g. projector, computer, microphone, side table for sale of books etc.

* Arrange speakers' cheque (if any) with Treasurer

* Meet speaker on arrival and provide hospitality and assistance with setting up for presentation

* Introduce speaker using bio provided or gleaned from internet

* Thank speaker after presentation and present cheque

* Ask speaker to draw the 50/50 ticket

* Assist speaker to pack up and ensure equipment belonging to the Ajax Community Centre and the Club is store safely




* Maximum term of office is three years

* Prepare a event calendar for the year

* Arrange a social event once a month

* Plan and prepare a budget for each event

* Request membership input for event ideas

* Describe upcoming events to membership at the monthly General Meetings

* Have sign-up sheets available for each event at the General Meetings

* Inform the Newsletter Editor of future events for inclusion in the monthly newsletter





* Maximum term of office is three years

* Facilitate the establishment and promotion of new interest groups as suggested by Club members

* Help to resolve issues if group leaders should require assistance

* Provide interest group updates at the monthly General Meetings

* Submit newsletter input about Interest Groups that are new or require a leader to be assigned

* Provide Activity Group sign-up sheets as needed to determine membership participation interest





* Maximum term of office is three years

* Develop and maintain the Club website

* Core content to include:

      PROBUS Constitution and By-laws

      Management Committee contact information

      Management Committee job descriptions

      Calendar of key meetings and events

      Newsletters, Social Events, Group Activities, Speaker and Photo Gallery





              Revised February 2020

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