PROBUS Club of Durham West



A. Meeting Agendas

* Request input from the members of the Management Committee (Executives) for the agenda for general as well as management meeting.             This request should go out 5-7 days ahead of the meeting with a turnaround deadline of 2 days before the meeting.

* Prepare meeting agenda, incorporating input from the Executives, and email it to them 1-2 days ahead of the meeting.


B. Minutes of Meetings

* Take notes and prepare, within a couple days of the meeting, minutes of the Management Committee meetings and Annual General Meeting. 

* Send out minutes to Executives for their review and comments. ,

* Amend meeting minutes to incorporate review comments. Publish meeting minutes along with the agenda of the next Management Committee     meeting.

* Request approval of the minutes of the immediate past meeting at the Management Committee meeting.

* Once approved, print and file a hard copy of the minutes, along with the Treasurer’s reports, for the Club’s record.


C. Members’ Application Forms

* Receive from the Membership Chair the completed and approved membership applications (of new members) and file them alphabetically for       the Club’s record.


D. Sympathy and Get-well Card

* When notified by an Executive, generally the President and the Newsletter Chair, write and mail sympathy and get-well cards to the members.       The guidelines for sending these cards are as follows:

   * Get-well card to a member who has a serious illness or a major procedure

   * Sympathy card to a member for the loss of his/her spouse or a child (immediate family)


E. Safekeeping of Club’s Record/Archive

* Keep Club’s record in a safe place. The Club’s record includes:

* Membership application forms

* Certification of Incorporation of the Club

* Constitution and By-Laws

* Agenda and minutes of meetings

* Approved Budget and Treasurer’s Reports

* Recognition awards and certificates received by the Club





* Encourage recruiting of new members as determined by the President and the limitation on membership 

* Review and update the Club process for membership application

* Inform the Management team monthly of the number of applications for membership on the wait list.

* Receive applications for membership

* Receive membership payments (i.e. new members and renewals) and forward to Treasurer for deposit

* Inform Management team of new members

* Advise newsletter editor of additions/deletions to newsletter distribution list

* Order name badges for new members

* Organize and maintain membership list to be available to members on club website

* Attend monthly General Meetings to answer membership queries and distribute name badges

* Attend monthly Management Meetings to report on membership numbers and related items

* Prepare newsletter. Receives submissions from President, Management Team and all regular contributors and local sources.
* Prepare monthly issue for distribution by e-mail and posting to website prior to monthly meetings.
* Have copies printed and available at monthly meeting for members not having email
* Review final draft with President as necessary before distribution
* Prepare a program schedule for the year
* Arranges speakers for General meetings with Speakers Committee 
* Provide suitable gift/cheque and thank you card for guest speakers
* Is responsible for hospitality to speaker and delivering fee/gift to speaker
* Informs the treasurer of speaker’s name for the check, if required, so it can be prepared before the meeting
* Ensure presentation aids required by the guest speakers are ready
* Arranges introducers and a management team member for closing thanks
* Keep the newsletter editor and Webmaster informed of future programs for inclusion in the monthly bulletin and website updates
* Assist the incoming program committee Chairperson by preparing suitable monthly programs for the next two (2) or three (3) months following      the end of the Club year



* Prepare a "tentative" event calendar for the year. E.g. Christmas and other annual event plans. Seek membership input for event ideas.                 Arrange events at least once a month.

* Organizes social events outside regular monthly meetings.

* Plans should include discussion regarding venue, meal choices and entertainment

* Planning and preparing a budget for each event.

* Budgeting should include expenses for bus/transportation, meals and accommodations (if overnight)

* Describe upcoming events to membership at monthly meetings.

* Have sign-up sheets available at monthly meetings for each event.

* Printing, selling and collecting monies for tickets at general meetings.

* Periodically conducting a survey with the Club members (may be part of a club general survey) in order to understand cross a section of our         member's interests and/or recommendations. 

* Keep the newsletter editor and Webmaster informed of future events for inclusion in the monthly bulletin and Website so members can plan well    in advance.

* Provide general meeting report to members 2nd Thursday each month

* Attend management meetings held 4th Thursday of each month

* Organizes Christmas luncheon. Organizes & handles the sale of tickets.

* Provides a final count for booking based on the number of paid tickets by a set deadline



* Facilitates the establishment and promotion of new interest groups as suggested by Club members

* Solicits leaders for Interest Groups 

* Helps to resolve issues if group leaders should require assistance

* Provides activity sign-up sheets as needed to determine membership  participation interest

* Interest groups are considered launched once a Leader/Host or an interim leader is appointed. The groups then operate autonomously

* The Group Activities Chair gathers information from the various group leaders in order to maintain a current log of Interest Group activities 

* At monthly club meetings and at Management Team meetings, the Chair provides updates and arranges for Group Leaders to speak as               required

* Submits newsletter input to the newsletter chair about Interest Groups that are new and/or requiring a leader to be assigned

* The Interest Group Chair informs leaders that it is their responsibility to:

   * Determine their groups venue and meeting frequency

   * Establish rules, membership eligibility and group size

   * Be aware that any costs and outlays are the sole responsibility of the Interest Group to manage

   * Send monthly input and updates to the newsletter Chair for newsletter publication, copy the Interest Group Chair for awareness

   * Interact with the Social Events chairperson when activities or events may affect or involve the general Probus membershipt  



* Develop and maintain an up to date club website

* Core content including: 

   * PROBUS Overview including constitution and by-laws

   * Management Team contact information

   * Calendar of key meetings and events

   * Group Interests, Social Events and Speaker schedules

   * Photo Gallery

   * Membership list which is password protected

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