PROBUS Club of Durham West

20th September - Mennonite Farm Tour, St.Jacobs, Ont. 
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Schedule Trips for 2019

April 26th - Roadside/Park litter pickup by Ajax Community Centre

May 30th - Spring Scavenger Hunt at Heber Down Conservation Area

July 18th - Primate Sanctuary in Sunderland

August 12th - Turtle Conservation tour and Hunnabees Honey Co. in                             Peterborough

September 19th - Fall Scavenger Hunt in Heber Down

October 17th - Nature hike in Walker Woods - Cancelled

30th May -  Spring scavenger hunt in Heber Down
18th July 2019 - Storybook Farm Primate Sanctuary, Sunderland
26th April - Roadside/Park litter pickup at Ajax Community Centre
19th September - Fall scavenger hunt in Heber Down

Scheduled Trips for 2020

April 16th - Roadside/Park litter pickup by Ajax Community Centre - Cancelled due to Covid 19 Pandemic

June 18th - Scavenger Road Rally - Cancelled due to Covid 19 Pandemic

September 14th - Scavenger Hunt at Toronto Zoo

October 15th - Nature hike in Walker Woods


Nature Lovers Group

This club organizes a number of trip events throughout the year. 
Members organize informal car pooling transportation when necessary.
When possible events are held on the 3rd Thursday of the month. Some trip dates will be determined by availability, weather and cost.


New Durham West members welcome.


Contact:  Geoff Cutten   905-831-7489   


Scheduled Trips for 2018 ( subject to change )

March 29th - Canadian Canoe Museum

April - No outing ( Possible nature hike in early May )

May 24th - Special tour at Toronto Zoo

June 21st - Ostrich Farm tour

July 26th - Jungle Cat World in Orono

August 16th - Haute Goat Farm in Newtonville

September 20th - Mennonite Farm Tour in St. Jacobs

October 18th - Nature scavenger hunt at Heber Downs 

November 15th - Planning Meeting at St.Paul's United Church

29th March 2018 - Canadian Canoe Museum, Peterborough, Ont.

16th August - Haute Goat Farm, Newtonville, Ont.
21st June - Ostrichland, West Lincoln, Ont.
26th July - Jungle Cat World, Orono.
24th May - Toronto Zoo.  "Behind the Scenes & Meet the Keeper" Tour

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