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President's Message

Greetings!  I am looking forward to a new and exciting year for us starting with a refreshed website.  With the winter solstice behind us we can now look forward to longer days.  I can’t wait until such time that we can meet face to face again. 

Many thanks to all those who have stepped forward to volunteer their time and commitment to our club. 


And to start off the new year we have a new website.  You’ll notice a new easier to use format with a new large page format, larger fonts and easier to navigate features.


  • Our home page has been redesigned to quickly summarize items of interest with links for further reading.  At a quick glance you’ll be able to hone in on the latest updates.


  • We’ve added a Welcome message to potential new members. 


  • On the navigation menu, we’ve added two new tabs – a Social Events tab and a Speakers tab. The Social Events page hosts details of current and past events.  The Speakers tab hosts details of the upcoming speaker and summarizes recent past presentations.


  • We’ve re-formatted the individual Activity Group pages.  This is where you’ll find updates on the individual club’s activities and photos.  You can click on the Activities tab on the navigation menu or click on the links in the Activities section near the bottom of the Home page.  Clubs with new updates have highlighted links.


With a new colour pallet and easier to navigate features, we hope you enjoy our new site.

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