PROBUS Club of Durham West

Golf Outdoors

Do you like to get out for a little exercise and swing the clubs? Please join us!  This is a fun league, and new members are always welcome.

We play 9 holes (walking only) at Hawthorne Valley golf course on Tuesday mornings.

Our tee times start at 10:00 a.m. and may be reserved a week ahead.

Bookings are made directly with the golf course. Members can call Hawthorne Valley at 905 686 2028

When you call let them know it's your first time out and they will fit you in with a foursome. Times are 10 minutes apart so you may get a time for 10:20 but try to get there 30 minutes before.  Sometimes we are ahead of schedule or there might be an opportunity to fill in for a cancellation. We are a friendly group so don't worry. We won't judge.


Contact:  Marcia Everitt   416-724-6355   


The Outdoor Golf Group is currently inactive but will start again next Spring.

Hope to see everyone next year.

Marianne, Dale, Marcia and Juanita

Sharon, Renzo, Rod and Don

Tree planted in memory of Richard Wagner, owner of HVGC

Ian, Sue, Wilma and Jean

Geoff, Bonnie, Ann and Ken

Wilma, Barb, Jean and Jeanette

2019 Year End Lunch

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