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Marathon Bridge

Marathon bridge runs from September through April.  If you are an experienced bridge player it is a wonderful way to play your favourite card game, and get to know people in Durham West who also love the game of bridge.  This is not for duplicate bridge players as our members play for the enjoyment of the game and are not competitive.  

Marathon Bridge session sign-ups are held in August.

The convenor(s) create a schedule of games for the players.  Each team plays 10 games between September & April.  You host 5 home games at your home and play 5 away games. In other words, there are only 4 players each time you are playing.  The scores are sent to the convenors who keep a record and finalize the results in May.  

Contact:  David (Irveen) Powley using our directory (Members Only).


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May 2024

Our celebration party for the 2023/2024 Marathon bridge was held at Mandarin Pickering on May 13th.   

Sign ups for 2024/2025  bridge. will be held in August.  If you are  interested in playing social bridge please contact me for further info.

April 2024

Another successful year for Marathon Bridge is  coming to a close at the end of April and we will be celebrating  with our luncheon at the Mandarin in May.

March 2024

Just completed our bridge game.

January 2024

Marathon Bridge is moving along nicely!

2023-24 New Season

My husband David and I, have been members of the PROBUS Clubs of Ajax and Durham West for over 20 years and have enjoyed it immensely; we have gladly taken our turn in various Chairs, (Social, Bridge, VP, Pres, Past Pres) etc.

For the past few years we have offered to organize the Marathon bridge activity as it was going to fold since there were no volunteers.  It is now back in full form and we have 12 teams getting under way for 2023-24.

2023 End of Season Celebratory Lunch at Mandarin Restaurant

A great time was had by all at the end of the season Celebratory Lunch at the Mandarin Restaurant in Pickering. 


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