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Nature Lovers

Do you want to feel happier, be healthier and reduce stress? Do you enjoy the outdoors?

In addition, do you want to learn things about the world around you that you never knew?

I have the answer for you! Join the Nature Lovers Group.

I arrange, with the help of the other members of the group, nature-orientated outings throughout the year. To limit costs we organize informal carpooling with each other to the various outings. I try to hold the outings so as not to conflict with other group activities whenever possible. New members are always welcome!


Contact:  Bev Waite

I spoke with Mother Nature on the morning of September 12th to ask if she could hold up on the rain so that the Nature Lovers could hold their Scavenger Hunt at the Toronto Zoo and not get drenched. She agreed!

Five teams walked the zoo for 3 hours seeking answers to nature-based questions. They even had to measure the length of a Snow Leopard's tail!

Did you know how many birds are depicted on the carousel at the zoo? Do you know the shape of a wombat's droppings? Next time you are at the General Meeting and find the conversation going stale locate a Nature Lover and they will be able to tell you the answers to these questions and much more exciting zoo trivia.

Congratulations to the winners of the Nature Lovers Toronto Zoo Scavenger Hunt.

1st Prize: The Zoo Capers (Dave, Joy, Janice, Lorna and Andrene)

2nd Prize: Zootopia (Bernice, Deborah, Gary and Emily)

3rd Prize: We're Not Cheetahs! (Ann, Ken, Bonnie, Gail and Ian)

4th Prize: The Tiger Lillies (Sharon, Sharon F., Shirley, Romola and Beverly)

5th Place: Cheetah Chicks - Sorry no prize (Eileen, Silvi, Maureen, Marilyn and Anne) but a special "Year of the Tiger Emoji" mention for having one of the best team howls at the wolves and imitating an orangutan.

Nature Lovers Scavenger Hunt, September 12

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