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Wednesday Walkers

Now that the heat of the summer is over, you are no doubt looking for a reason to avoid raking the leaves. Well, here is a good need to go walking with the Wednesday Walking Group!

This is a group for ALL people. We have those who love to walk and like to move at a good clip as they chat. But we also have those who like to saunter along and enjoy the scenery and even stop from time to time to look at something or to catch one's breath.

We walk for an hour (or less) starting at 10:00 am on Wednesdays.  We start our walks from a different location each week. So there is constantly something new to look at. Most of our walks start from a place that has a washroom. Also, most walks are on paved or hard packed surfaces.

There is NEVER any need to commit to walking. You just show up when, and if, you feel like moving. To find out where we will be starting from each Wednesday, you need to join our group by sending me an email with your name and email address. I will then add you to the weekly email which will tell you where to go for that week's walk.

We walk all year round, in all kinds of weather.  Usually we are lucky and the weather is fine for a walk and a chat. Hope to see you on the trails whenever you are able to join us. 

Contact:  Bernice Pyke   416-281-3077


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