PROBUS Club of Durham West

Words Worth Reading

The Words Worth Reading book club meets at the home of a member on the 3rd Tuesday of each month.

In December and June we get together for a pot luck luncheon.

There are 10 members in the club and the membership is currently at capacity.

Leader:  Jean Jackson   905-420-6410 

Updates - 2023


In April, the members of the book club will be discussing "The Maid" by Canadian author Nita Prose. The novel became a New York Times and Canadian bestseller just a few weeks after its release. As outlined in a CBC article "The Maid is a gripping mystery about an awkward yet perfectionist hotel maid, Molly, who becomes the lead suspect in a murder case after finding a dead man in his hotel room."


In March, the book club read and discussed "The Last Grand Duchess by Bryn Turnbull."   As outlined by Goodreads, "This sweeping novel takes readers behind palace walls to see the end of Imperial Russia through the eyes of Olga Romanov, the first daughter of the last Tsar.  It is a story about dynasty, duty, and love but above all about a family who would choose devotion to each other over everything else, including their lives."


In February, we read the book, "The Circus Train" by Amita Parikh. In the British newspaper the Guardian, "The heroine is Lena who contracted polio as a baby and has never quite found her place in Europe's most magnificent travelling circus, World of Wonders, where her father is the headline act. She is more interested in the worlds of science and medicine. We learn about Lena's compelling rite of passage as she must deal with many challenges as she travels with the circus throughout Europe in the late 30s and 40s."


In January the book club discussed the novel "A Gentleman in Moscow" by Amor Towles. As outlined by Goodreads, it is a story " about a man, Count Alexander Rostov an aristocrat who is ordered by a Bolshevik tribunal to spend the rest of his life inside a luxury hotel."

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