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DNA Testing for Family History

May 2022 Speaker - Barbara Dickson

A story of Canada’s biggest WWII munitions plant (“GECO”) employing over 21,000 citizens, predominantly women, who courageously worked with high explosives around the clock over its four-year history

April 2022 Speaker - Geoff Cutten

Geoff provided us with an April Fools talk based on a Zoological Hoax. He spoke about the "Snouters".This hoax was the whimsical creation of Gerolf Steiner, a zoology professor at the University of Heidelberg

March 2022 Speaker -  Maggie MacKenzie

Maggie MacKenzie is the Heritage Services Coordinator with the City of Richmond Hill.  The topic was the David Dunlap Observatory (DDO) - designated under the Ontario Heritage Act


Nicole Adams is the Genealogy and Local History Librarian at the Oshawa Public Libraries as well as a professional genealogist.  She has over 30 years experience in researching family history and is always keen to help others in their research. 

Nicole’s presentation on June 9 will talk about new developments in consumer DNA testing as a way of digging for your family roots and what they can reveal about your family history

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January 2022 Speaker – Lianne Harris on Royal Scandals

Gossip, intrigue, love affairs, clandestine meetings, mystery children . . . secrets shared and confidences broken---it’s all in a day’s work for the royals!


June 9th, 2022 Speaker

 Nicole Adams

February 2022 Speaker - Malcom Kelly - SPROG

SPROG is a historical fiction which narrates the adventures of a group of young men who enlist in the Canadian Air Force during WWII.


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