Many of you will remember the numerous trips Karl and I led where you kindly collected the toiletries from the various rooms.   These you, also kindly, left on my seat on the bus each morning knowing they would become part of gift baskets or bags for the various “shelters”.   

Due to our lack of travel, no donations were received for a while.   Then, last fall, some people called saying they had toiletries, could I use them?   These toiletries, along with others friends discovered, were distributed at Christmas (you may remember the picture in the December newsletter). 

If you have any toiletries, including “goodies” for men , and are willing to donate them, please bring them to a PROBUS meeting or drop them off at our home in Whitby. 

Thank you everyone.   Any donations received, will be distributed at Christmas as the last that I had went for “Easter treats”. 
Happy Easter.   Sandy Clarke or call 905-668-2640

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